Monday, February 11, 2008

Here We Go!

Welcome to my blog!

Just to let you know, I am a proud Dodgers fan, a huge sports fan, and a baseball junkie. I love sports. Basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and now hockey.
I myself am an athelete. I play softball for my high school. And I play one of the hardest positions, catcher. The sores, the aches, bruises, the times we've lost and the times we've won. I love and cherish it all.
But baseball is my passion.
I was first introduced to the game when i was seven and went to my first Dodger game with my brother and dad. I really didnt get it at first but as the years passed by, I grew to love it.
I guess what I'm saying is I live and breathe baseball. And I will continue to love it until my time is up and pass on that passion to my kids, grandkids, etc. Even strangers. ha!

I hope you guys enjoy my blog and enjoy baseball as much as I do. It will be here, where I could share my thoughts and opinions to you guys, the sports world, about baseball, the boys in blue, and all other beloved sports.

Peace n Love,



Anonymous said...

Good luck Evelyn.

Regarding your poll, when you write "settling the lineup" do you mean the batting order or defensively?

I voted for the OF, but I think deciding on the everyday 3B (who should be named LaRoche) may be a bigger issue than the other three choices you listed.

Jim said...

Hi Evelyn,
I am looking forward to checking out your blog this season. I should be an exciting year. I voted for the outfield situation. I hope Ethier starts in left and Phewerre rides the pine or gets traded. Anyway, good luck with your blog and GO DODGERS!!

Jim said...

It should be an exciting year.

I am not that exciting. LOL